Wednesday, November 17, 2004

First Roar ...

The 2nd Hand Lions Club will now come to order.

Well we've done it. We've gone BLOG. Very good.

Over the next few issues of the 2HLC we'll tell you more about WHAT and WHO we are. It's a journey we are looking forward to and hope others will benefit from our experimentation, expertise, experience, caring and devotion to our purpose.

So with that ... we'll get on with the meeting and life as a "2nd Hand Lion".

Uncle Garth

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2nd Hand Lions Club said...

I have a number of works by novelist Mark Helprin. His latest work, :The Pacific and Other Stories" is a collection of short stories. NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday recently interviewed Mr Helprin about his new work. YOu can read and excerpt and listen to the interview at the following spot:

One of his stories in this collection is of a British paratrooper in WW2 who falls behind enemy lines and faces his final moments. His thoughts go his daughter. He dies with visions of the girl as he best remembers her. I thought this was an interesting thought to begin a discussion "around the fire".

What images of your loved ones would be in your mind at a time like this? Something to consider.

In my office I have a picture of my sons as two little boys sitting on a bench in the woods. I was lucky enough to catch them in a perfect "Kodak moment". It is one of my most cherished possessions.