Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bib Overalls

There was a time I used to look at men wearing bib overalls and think, “what a goofy looking piece of clothing”. Old men and farmers wore bib overalls. The rest of us wore jeans. I have a picture of my dad wearing a pair of overalls. They look normal on my dad. But I could never see myself wearing them.

Then something happened.

A few weeks ago I stopped into my local Goodwill Store looking for a pair of used cheap jeans to wear in my work around the house. Browsing through the racks did not turn up the jeans in my size. And then I found them. A pair of bib overalls. My size. Dickies brand-and in good shape. I tried them on, they fit, and I bought them.

Bibs are pretty functional clothing. In addition to the normal pockets found on any pair of men's pants there are two roomy pockets right in front on the bib. Handy for a pair of reading glasses, a wallet or just about anything else you need quick access to. Now I know why they are a favorite for us older types.

So I look again at the picture of my dad in his old overalls. He looks comfortable, happy and relaxed. I should have bought a pair of these years ago.


Friday, December 03, 2004

How to Post to this Blog

OK .. knowing that this is the first time most of you will use a Blog - or have even looked at a Blog - here are the STEP-BY-STEP procedures for PUBLISHING / POSTING and COMMENTING. Here you go .. STEP-BY-STEP. I strongly suggest you Print these pages off - you will be using various elements during your tenure here.

Defining the Blogger Page
How to understand the heading and page information

How to Post/Publish
How to POST and PUBLISH entries and / or articles to the 2HL Blog

Defining the BLOGGER PAGE

1) Site URL:

2) Login (upper Right) USERNAME = xxx PASSWORD = yyyyyyy (these are supplied when you send me an email and I sign you up as an 'editor'. I do hope the 2HL members take advantage of this.

3) This page is called the DASHBOARD .. it's where you 'drive' the blog

4) Blogs Section: this area provides all the access to the blog you will need

5) Under the "Blogs" section (right under the word 'Dashboard')

a) BLOG NAME - > 2nd Hand Lions Club is a LINK to the EDITing page
b) NEW POST -> one click to the WYSIWYG Editor for posting a NEW item to the blog
c) CHANGE SETTINGS -> Stay OUT of Here .. we'll cover this when we can set down togehter
d) LAST UPDATE -> tells you just that, when the blog was 'last updated'
e) CREAT A BLOG -> only go here to create a TOTALLY NEW Blog ... go here if you want to play - you always destroy the Blog .. ;-)

Continuing on in Defining the layout of the Blogger page:

6) Click on the Blog Name: 2nd Hand Lions Club

7) You see four (4) tabs at the top: Posting, Settings, Template, View Blog
a) Posting , this is the Default OPEN Tab when you enter this page. It contains the latest blog posts - you can Edit them at any time for corrections: comes in handy!

1] Posting: Create ... provide ONE CLICK to Create a NEW POST (same as "Create a new post" button below it)

2] Posting: Edit Posts (where the page begins by Default) , so it provides a platform for editing the current posts

3] Posting: Status ... shows you if posting is complete or in progress -> automatically switches to this area when you Post a NEW Post

i.) Create a New Post ... just what is says - this takes you right to the WYSIWYG Editor for composing or copy/paste from elsewhere - then Post/Publishing the Blog entry

ii.) Show [ ] .. number of blog posts to show in this window in a 'most recent and back the number listed'

iii.) from [ ] .. Everything, Drafts, Recent Posts and Future Posts -> the 'types' of Entries you can have in the pre-Post/Publish venue.

iv.) Search: will find Posts from ALL you've made on the Blog, through 'key word' in the Post Title.

v.) Edit -> puts the post associated with that Edit into FULL EDIT mode

vi.) View (in blue) allows you to view the specific Post . AND the Comments on that Post

vii.) Delete (in Blue) **WILL** Delete the Post ... Please do NOT do this once a post has been made ... Edit all you want but please REFRAIN from Deleting a post. The Deletion - IF SEEN - by a viewing public of a Post is tantamount to a bold public lie and credibility dives almost immediately. It is perfectly acceptable to make corrections - but NOT to delete. Deletion is reserved for the most serious offenses that MUST be removed. Even then a very thorough explanation should be provided for WHY the Deletion was necessary. You may think this 'trivial' .. I assure you .. IT IS NOT!

b) Settings: DO NOT TOUCH THESE on this blog. Experiment all you want on a seperate Blog .. and I encourage you to do so - that way you will 'learn' what the settings will do. But DO NOT experiment on this Blog

c) Template: this is the Code Zone ... just stay out .. even in your own blog. This IS brain surgery. One false move here and the 'patient' is DEAD.

d) View Blog .. this will open a NEW Browser Window in which to View the Blog in its current state.


1) Open URL

2) Log In

3) Click the Blog Name

4) Click "Create New Post"

a) you can compose in the WYSIWYG Editor provided .. or compose in a desktop resident - such as Text Edit (no style applied only text -- apply style from the WYSIWYG because it will be HTML compliant)

b) Cut 'n Paste the material from the Desktop resident text program (Text Edit) , into the WYSIWYG

5) Use the COMPOSE TAB to compose with Rich Text Formatting ... IF YOU KNOW HTML - you can edit the HTML Code with the "Edit HTML" Tab. To SEE how your entry will look when Posted .. Click PREVIEW to view it. [NOTE: do NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER WINDOW when you want to return to Editing .. CLICK "Hide Preview" and you will go back into the WYSIWYG interface.

6) When using the WYSIWYG you have the opportunity to SAVE as DRAFT or PUBLISH POST the entry. SAVE as DRAFT is to put the 'entry back' for a while or until you finish it. PUBLISH POST is for putting the information on the active Blog Page for All The World To See.

7) When you POST/PUBLISH you will be presented with the STATUS page ... with an animated series while the file uploads; closing when done.

8) IF for some reason you miss and error -- then just go into Edit Posts and Click the EDIT in the row with the Post you want to alter and then alter and PUBLISH POST again when done.

That's it. Experiment a bit- I'd advise you begi on a DIFFERENT BLOG -of your own- you can set up right here using this account: IF you want. Then this way, you'll feel more comfortable branching out on this one.


1) At the END of each Post you have 4 items:

a) Comment Bubble Icon -> takes you to the Post with all the Comments listed

b) Text (# comments) -> tell you how many comments that post engendered

c) Envelope Icon -> You can Email that POST to a friend ( good for 'spreading the word' and inviting readers !!)

d) Pencil Icon -> for those logged in to the blog, the pencil will be visible and you can use it to edit the blog.

2) If you want to remove the Comment and start ove (there is NO editing of Comments) - you will notice a 'Trash Can' Icon at the end of each post. Click and follow directions to erase the Comment. If you want to see what happens as you do this .. Go the Post "2nd Roar" and look at the comments by 'ofieldstream and 2nd Hand Lions' . You see it is not truly erases - that way your public can begin to build trust in your ability to provde 'truth in publishing'.

That's it. Good luck and if you have ANY questions ask me. Send me an email at: ucgindy-AT-net500-DOT-com

Uncle Garth

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Second Roar

I have a number of works by novelist Mark Helprin. His latest work, "The Pacific and Other Stories" is a collection of short stories. NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday recently interviewed Mr Helprin about his new work. You can read an excerpt and listen to the interview by clicking the link HERE.

One of his stories in this collection is of a British paratrooper in WW2 who falls behind enemy lines and faces his final moments. His thoughts go his daughter. He dies with visions of the girl as he best remembers her. I thought this was an interesting thought to begin a discussion "around the fire".

What images of your loved ones would be in your mind at a time like this? Something to consider.

In my office I have a picture of my sons as two little boys sitting on a bench in the woods. I was lucky enough to catch them in a perfect "Kodak moment". It is one of my most cherished possessions.


First Roar ...

The 2nd Hand Lions Club will now come to order.

Well we've done it. We've gone BLOG. Very good.

Over the next few issues of the 2HLC we'll tell you more about WHAT and WHO we are. It's a journey we are looking forward to and hope others will benefit from our experimentation, expertise, experience, caring and devotion to our purpose.

So with that ... we'll get on with the meeting and life as a "2nd Hand Lion".

Uncle Garth