Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bib Overalls

There was a time I used to look at men wearing bib overalls and think, “what a goofy looking piece of clothing”. Old men and farmers wore bib overalls. The rest of us wore jeans. I have a picture of my dad wearing a pair of overalls. They look normal on my dad. But I could never see myself wearing them.

Then something happened.

A few weeks ago I stopped into my local Goodwill Store looking for a pair of used cheap jeans to wear in my work around the house. Browsing through the racks did not turn up the jeans in my size. And then I found them. A pair of bib overalls. My size. Dickies brand-and in good shape. I tried them on, they fit, and I bought them.

Bibs are pretty functional clothing. In addition to the normal pockets found on any pair of men's pants there are two roomy pockets right in front on the bib. Handy for a pair of reading glasses, a wallet or just about anything else you need quick access to. Now I know why they are a favorite for us older types.

So I look again at the picture of my dad in his old overalls. He looks comfortable, happy and relaxed. I should have bought a pair of these years ago.